Ohio Finance Options for AMS Wheelchair Vans

Unfortunately, not all finance companies are aware of the right process to finance a wheelchair van. Since they need special adaptive equipment installed after factory manufacturing, some finance companies list your accessible equipment as “luxury add-ons”. Since the installation of ramps and lowered floors make the van cost more than a regular minivan, some companies will even deny potential buyers credit based on the price alone.

There are thousands of wheelchair , power chair, and mobility scooter users without reliable accessible transportation because they think they can’t afford it. Even if you don’t have the money to make a monthly payment and a down payment, give us a call. We can put together a price quote for you that will stand as documentation to apply for grants both nationally and right here in Ohio to drastically drive the purchase price down, if not completely eliminate it! We have a list organized by state of the grants we know about to use as a jumping off point. With some hard work and time, you can get your entire van donated.

AMS Vans is more than happy to work with multiple foundations, philanthropists, and companies. Calling non-profit organizations and researching scholarships and grants available by state, disability, and financial situation do exist and many times are not even sought after due to lack of knowledge in it’s existence. Even if you don’t get your whole van funded, AMS has relationships with national banks that truly understand the wheelchair van conversion process and how to properly fund it. Let us help you help yourself right into a wheelchair van from AMS Vans today

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