Wheelchair Van Conversions – Ohio

AMS manufactures safe, reliable, and quality wheelchair van conversions with a simple design that leaves little room for error and is as repair free as possible. Every new and used minivan with a new AMS handicap conversion in Ohio is backed by the AMS Vans, Inc. low price guarantee. If you find a lower price on a comparable modified van from the date of your initial deposit to the day of delivery, AMS Vans, Inc. will match that price!

For added convenience, we will pick up your unmodified van right from your home or office, then deliver it back to you in Ohio after the wheelchair accessible conversion is complete; normally about 3 to 4 weeks. AMS Vans converts both new and used Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and Volkswagen minivans that meet our minimum qualifications into one of our three popular handicap conversion packages; the AMS Legend, AMS Edge, and AMS Edge II. Our customer service extends to any wheelchair accessible vehicle for Ohio in our inventory.

Minimum Requirements for Used Minivans for Conversion:
  • All Minivans Must Be In Good Working Condition and Accident-Free History
  • Chrysler Town and Country -- 2001 to current model year & Less than 75,000 miles
  • Dodge Grand Caravan -- 2001 to current model year & Less than 75,000 miles
  • Honda Odyssey -- 2005 to current model year & Less than 75,000 miles
  • Volkswagen Routan -- 2009 to current model year & Less than 75,000 miles

AMS Legend Side Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

AMS Legend (Chrysler, Dodge, and Volkswagen vans)

The AMS Legend greets you with a spacious side entry and a extended power ramp covered in a non-slip rubber that is essential to safely enter the Legend during harsh Ohio winters and rainy Springs. The power ramp on the Legend is controlled by remote as well as mounted controls at the door. Once the wheelchair user smoothly transitions from the ramp with a decreased incline making kneeling systems obsolete into the cabin, the user can choose one of many seating arrangements including rear passenger seating, front passenger (removable front passenger seat), or even the driver’s seat allowing room for up to three wheelchair users if one is driving. The Legend model has been crash-tested in three different areas and passed on the first attempt.

Entry Type: Side Power Ramp

Available for $17,980

AMS Legend Side Entry

AMS Edge Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

AMS Edge (Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, and Volkswagen)

An economical choice, the manual rear entry AMS Edge features a lightweight, spring-loaded ramp that can be operated with one hand. The extended ramp has a decreased incline that makes kneeling systems unnecessary, and is coated with a non-slip material that provides maximum grip, essential in Ohio weather. The rear access point is ADA compliant and is flush with a lowered channel that guides the wheelchair user into the 3rd row seating. Both the 2nd row bench seating and front passenger and driver Captain’s seats remain intact to offer up to 5 ambulatory passengers.

Entry Type: Rear Manual Ramp

Available for $12,980

AMS Edge Rear Entry

AMS Edge II Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

AMS Edge II (Chrysler, Dodge, & Volkswagen)

The Edge II is a spin-off of our popular Edge rear entry wheelchair van. The Edge II has the lightweight spring loaded extended ramp of the Edge model. The Edge II doesn’t require the need for a kneeling system and guides the wheelchair user smoothly into the ADA compliant rear hatch access. The lowered channel continues up to the front passenger and driver’s seats. On either side of the channel, Captain’s Chair style seating for ambulatory passengers is located on either side of the channel. The AMS Edge II has enough seating for 2 wheelchair users sitting in tandem.

Entry Type: Rear Power Ramp

Available for $14,980

AMS Long Channel Rear Entry
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