AMS Edge II Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

AMS Edge II Wheelchair Van Conversion Price:

The Edge II Rear Entry Mobility Conversion from AMS

Available for $14,980

Long Channel Rear Entry Handicap Van Conversion

The Edge II Long Channel Rear Entry model wheelchair van from AMS is our latest addition. We took the rear entry channel of the Edge and extended it to directly behind the driver and front passenger seats to allow for up to 2 wheelchair users comfortably. With the same lightweight manual ramp that extends from the rear hatch to the ground that eliminates the need for a kneeling system, the wheelchair user enters through the ADA compliant rear hatch and is then guided by the lowered channel in the van floor to one of the two wheelchair user travelling stations. Ambulatory seating is provided in the driver, front passenger, and two captain’s chair style seating on either side of the channel. Ambulatory seating can be added by installing single or double jump seats.

As with all of our newly converted vans, should you find a comparable van with a new conversion at a lower price, AMS will gladly meet or beat that price. Safety is key at AMS Vans and we take the time and precision necessary to give you the safest wheelchair van available in OH. Safety features such as leaving the B Pillar and rocker panels in place not only add safety in the event of an accident, it leaves the manufacturer warranty in place on the van itself.

For our clients looking for a used rear entry long channel van, AMS submits all pre-owned minivans to a 125 point inspection process before, during, and after the handicap conversion. AMS continues to raise the standard in quality and safety on all our wheelchair vans. Purchasing a used wheelchair van with a new conversion can save you thousands and be comparable in price to a new, unmodified minivan.

Customize your new or used wheelchair with after market features available in our equipment section. Add single or double jump seating for ambulatory passengers, EZ Lock Electronically Monitored Wheelchair Docks, and overhead compartments so that your wheelchair van meets all of your family or businesses needs. AMS Vans includes a free set of Q’Straint QRT Max retractable wheelchair tie down straps with every newly modified AMS rear entry handicap van.

AMS Vans can deliver your new or used handicap van right to your front door in Ohio! (delivery fees may apply) Whether we meet at one of our delivery/pick-up locations or a front door delivery our mobility professional will give you an in depth tutorial of all the features of your new wheelchair van. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase upon delivery, let us know and we will take the van back. After you have the keys, AMS Vans continues to be by your side with our nationwide network of service providers and 24 hour help line.

AMS Edge II Rear Entry Handicap Van Conversion Features:

Accessible Vehicle Conversion Details for the AMS Edge II Long Channel Rear Entry Wheelchair Van.
Entry Type: Rear Power Ramp
Lowered Floor: 10"
Frame Modification: Bumper and Frame
Industrial Textured Non-Slip Rubber Flooring in Rear: For The Channel
Custom Exhaust System:
Wheelchair Ramp: Manual Foldable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp
Middle-Row Seating: Middle Row Seating Types
Complete Undercoating and Rustproofing:
Custom Higher Capacity Rear Springs for Additional Payload:
Custom Fuel Tank with lines and Filler Neck:
Automotive Carpet Kit:

Seating Charts of the AMS Edge II Mobility Conversion:

Seating for wheelchair users is available in the channel behind the front seats or in the rear of the wheelchair van. Other passenger seating is located on either side of the foremost wheelchair user along with the two front seats that allows for a total of up to 4 seated passengers. (More seating is also available with single or double jump seats.)
1 Passenger Seating in Rear
Seats 1 passengers in a wheelchair and 4 other passengers.
2 Passenger Seating (requires EZLock)
Seats 2 passengers in a wheelchair and 3 other passengers.
1 Passenger Seating in Middle
Seats 1 passengers in a wheelchair and 3 other passengers.
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