AMS Edge Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion

AMS Edge Conversion Price:

AMS Edge - Rear Entry Mobility Conversion

Available for $12,980

* indicates not available on all models
Power Ramp $1,500.00
Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans From AMS in Ohio

The AMS Edge rear entry wheelchair van model from AMS is a perfect fit for families or businesses that only need seating for one wheelchair user at a time. The budget friendly rear entry model features a lightweight manual ramp that can be easily operated with one hand. Using a rear entry model is perfect for those with narrow driveways or urban parking. The AMS Edge comfortably seats up to 4 ambulatory people with the option of adding more with the use of single or double jump seats.

The rear entry hatch is compliant with ADA regulations. From the ramp there, the wheelchair is guided through a lowered channel of the van and into the desired traveling position behind the passenger area.

All our rear entry Edge model wheelchair vans are fully upgradeable with features such as powered ramps, EZ Lock electronic wheelchair docking stations and overhead compartments. See our Equipment section for a full list of available upgrades for our clients in Ohio. AMS Vans includes a free set of Q’Straint QRT Max retractable wheelchair tie down straps with every newly modified AMS rear entry handicap van.

We are committed to providing low cost, quality wheelchair vans to all of our clients in Ohio and we guarantee it! AMS Vans will match or beat the cost of any competitor that has a comparable new conversion handicap van if you find one at a lower cost. As a member of the AMS family, we provide you with outstanding customer service, great warranties, and vans with a quality design and added safety features.

For those interested in purchasing one of our economical pre-owned wheelchair vans available in Ohio and across the country, AMS Vans can ensure that you are buying a quality, late model used minivan. We put all of our used minivans through a 125 point inspection process before, during, and after the handicap conversion process. You can purchase a used minivan with new conversion for about the same cost as a new, unmodified van.

As part of our dedication to you, AMS Vans offers a delivery service that will deliver your new or used wheelchair van right to your home or office in Ohio! (Delivery fees may apply.) You can also pick your new handicap van from one of our several delivery/pick-up locations throughout the country. Upon possession of your new wheelchair van, our mobility professional will go over all the features of your new or used wheelchair van and make sure you know how to work all the features we have installed to maximize your experience with one of our vans. If upon delivery or pick-up you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will take the van back, no questions asked.

The AMS Edge Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion and Our Custom Modifications

Learn about all the custom van modifications that are performed on the AMS Edge Rear Entry Wheelchair Van Conversion.
Entry Type: Rear Manual Ramp
Anti-Skid Flooring: Anti-Skid Flooring
Frame Modification: Bumper and Frame
Custom Exhaust System:
Wheelchair Ramp: Manual Foldable Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp
Lowered Floor: 6" to 10"
Complete Undercoating and Rustproofing:
Middle-Row Seating: Middle Row Seating Types
Custom Higher Capacity Rear Springs for Additional Payload:
Automotive Carpet Kit:
Crash Tested: Standard Testing
Industrial Textured Non-Slip Rubber Flooring in Rear: For The Channel

Seating Chart for the AMS Edge Mobility Conversion

The AMS Edge Rear Entry Wheelchair Conversion features flexible seating with room for one wheelchair user and 4 passengers. Additional seating is available with the use of single or double jump seats. The wheelchair user enters from the back of the wheelchair van with a channel cut out from the rear of the van to behind the passenger area.
1 Passenger Seating in Rear
Seats 1 passengers in a wheelchair and 4 other passengers.
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