EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Station

Never deal with the mess of wheelchair tie down straps again and install an EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Station again. Whether you drive from your wheelchair or ride as a passenger, the EZ Lock makes your travelling experience better. The wheelchair docking station serves as an alternative to wheelchair tie downs and electronically locks the wheelchair in place. While activated, the wheelchair is constantly monitored by the docking station to ensure the wheelchair stays secured. If at any time the wheelchair is at risk, a signal will be sent to the flexible lighted control panel to alert either the user or his/her caretaker at once. Using state of the art electronics, this wheelchair docking station constantly monitors the state of the wheelchair.

To activate, simply guide the wheelchair into place using the smart design that assists the wheelchair into the right position. Once you are ready to unlock the device, a one touch system releases the wheelchair. This simple and strong design is a new alternative to wheelchair tie down straps that end up in a mess and may not properly secure the wheelchair. Installed for a low price, the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Station is a new top of the line option to secure your wheelchair.

Included with installation: Wheelchair bracket and base. EZ Lock can be installed starting at $585.00 to $1,390.00

EZ Lock base only $1,390.00
EZ Lock power chair bracket $585.00
EZ Lock manual chair bracket $585.00
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