Steering Knobs For Ohio Wheelchair Vans

Using a steering wheel knob allows drivers with assistive dexterity needs to operate the steering wheel with more control. The knobs allow the driver to grasp a larger knob rather than having to curl the fingers around the wheel itself.

Steering wheel knobs are attached directly to the wheelchair and won’t interfere with regular steering wheel usage by other drivers. These knobs come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to maximize the level of dexterity a driver experiences and to match the interior color scheme of the van itself. For less than $200, drivers can use steering wheel knobs and gain additional control of the steering wheel.

Steering knobs installed for only $150.00 to $175.00

Spinner Knob $150.00
Spinner Knob Single Pin/V grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Tri Pin Grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Hook Grip $175.00
Spinner Knob Palm Grip $175.00
Counter Balance $175.00
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