QStraint Self Retracting Wheelchair Tie Downs

For the past quarter of a century Q’Straint has been reinventing the wheelchair automobile safety industry. AMS is proud to offer their self retracting wheelchair tie downs for purchase with your wheelchair van in Ohio. Q’Straint was the pioneer of the 4 point wheelchair securement system that is now standard. As the world’s best wheelchair passenger security device, these wheelchair tie downs work like a regular seat belt.

RegularWheelchair Tie Downs VS Q’Straint

Regular tie downs require a lot of upkeep. They need physically rolled to prevent them from becoming a tangled mess. Once secured, manual straps need manually tightened leaving it as a guess as to when the wheelchair is properly secured. Q’Straints retract directly into their own compartment, like a seat belt. They are self locking so you can be assured that the wheelchair is properly locked into place. Q’Straints fit existing floor anchors and can be used on any wheelchair, scooter, or power chair. Secure a wheelchair faster and easier with the 4 point Q’Straint wheelchair tie down system.

Q'Straint Wheelchair Securements are available starting at $425.00

QStraint QRT MAX $425.00
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