Transfer Seats for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Transfer seats are designed to turn up to 180 degrees to allow more room for a wheelchair user to transfer either independently or with a caretaker out of his or her wheelchair and into the driver’s seat safely. Different types of seats are available from those that rotate inside the van itself to those that actually rotate and lower down from the van allowing the wheelchair user to transfer out of his/her wheelchair outside of the vehicle.

Transfer Seat Bases

AMS uses a 6 Way Power Transfer Seat Base that allows the wheelchair user to go from their wheelchair directly to the either the driver’s or front passenger seat of the wheelchair van. With a swivel base that has an automatic 90 degree angle, the wheelchair user can have adequate room to move safely to one of the front seats. The transfer seat base moves in 6 different directions: front, and back, up and down, and left and right. This allows the user to adjust the seat so that he/she is in a comfortable driving position.

Turning Automotive Seating In Ohio

As another option, Turning Automotive Seating actually comes out of the van and then lowers to the ground. Using this feature, the wheelchair user is able to use the transfer seat without having to climb or pull themselves up. The TAS has features such as a 330 lb weight capacity, can be reinstalled onto any vehicle, no structural modifications are necessary, can be stopped at any point for ideal transfer height, and meets or exceeds all federal safety standards.

Contact one of our mobility consultants that will help access what sort of transfer seat would best suit you.

Transfer Seat Bases $3,560.00

Leadership L51 Transfer Seat $3,560.00
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